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SME Portal is all about solving challenges that businesses face daily.
Our aim is to give you the entrepreneur the support needed to take your business from concept to sale by providing you with specific services, training, advice and more.
We offer a FREE MEMBERSHIP, you pay for the service you need when you need it.
The major benefit is that we will offer these services at a highly competitive rate especially in these tough economic times.

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Company Registration

Have you been sitting on a great business idea and don’t know what to do?

Well…one of the first and most important things to do is to register a company.
Once you have done this taking your dreams and ambitions to the next level becomes a whole lot easier.
Let us take care of your registration needs.
We also cater for name changes, director amendments and address changes on existing companies.
SME Portal…Your Business Support Partner

Graphic Design

Trying to make your business stand out from the crowd?
Why not try our professional graphic design service where you get to give your business the identity it needs.
They say first impressions last and with our many service offerings like logo designs,business card designs, business stationery and email signatures, you’re sure to make a lasting impression in the market place.
With SME Portal, not only will you get a flawless and unique design but you will be blown away at our pricing.

SME Portal…Your Business Support Partner!

Marketing Services

Are you in need of a Marketing Service to increase your Business visibility?

SME Portal is in place to handle your Marketing needs, our professional team will create brand awareness through any or all avenues, from digital to social to print!

Website Design

Looking for a Responsive Website Package?

Our Website Service starts from R99 per month!

As a registered client, you can take advantage of our incredible prices and speedy services.
Our Responsive Website packages start from a simple one page design to a complete WordPress CMS suite with all the bells and whistles.

Business Resources

A First in the SME Space!

Our Business Resource space allows business owners to easily share items or services…for FREE!!! Yes FREE
We want to promote helping one another, Should you find yourself in a position to assist a fellow entrepreneur, we’re here to make it easier.
This allows for greater networking capabilities and better client reach as business owners help each other grow.


All the documents you could need for your business in one place.

SME Portal’s Member Area houses all documents you would need for your business.
Why waste time looking through the internet,
we have an ever expanding range of documents ready for you to use.

Video Tutorials

Helping you grow your business with these great tutorials

SME Portal’s Video Tutorials help you grow in any aspect of your business.
We publish videos to help you grow in areas you might be struggling with.

Business Insurance

Affordable and competitive business insurance!

SME Portal’s Members have great access to competitively priced insurance from people who want the best deal possible for your business.

What are you waiting for?

Register today ... It's free!

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